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Yuko NishioEika Nishio, who left the words, “Because it’s only one life” that triggered this movement is my only child. When she passed on after 2 and 1/2 years of combating her disease, I was so devastated that I lost all my strength to live, becoming very ill.

After the series of reading sessions began 1 and 1/2 years after the onset of Eika’s illness, we one day received a letter from someone who had wanted to commit suicide, but, had changed his mind after listening to one of the letters which followed the words, “Because it’s only one life.”

Eika was so moved after hearing about this boy and cried many tears. She gained a real confidence in the following months that many people would be encouraged in their lives by this movement, and was more determined to support it no matter what may happen to her. So these reading sessions continued, thanks to those who believed in and supported them – even during the time when I was in so much grief, having finally lost my daughter, and suffering with my own illness. Yet, the more I recognized the importance of these reading sessions, the more I came to appreciate the greatness of her attitude in life and gradually gained the strength to overcome my own predicament.

At this present point, I am painting pictures, as Eika did, while I receive medical treatment in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Whenever I work on these paintings, I can feel Eika’s presence around me.

When this movement was incorporated, and ready to expand beyond Japan to many other nations I wondered just what I could do, since I had always been in a position to be supported by everyone… But recognizing that my taking steps forward would make my daughter happy, my heart went through a very big change.

One week before Eika passed on, she painted a big rainbow. It is my sincere wish that her rainbow will circle the world and help to connect many people, just as she had hoped the day that she painted it.

At this point, having received many people’s heartfelt wishes, I have accepted the position of chairwoman, to lead and promote this movement of Only One Life - Live It! I am so grateful if I can be of any help to society on behalf of my daughter, who had wished so much to overcome her illness and to fulfill this same dream and vision. From the bottom of my heart, I ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you Sincerely,

Yuko Nishio, Chairwoman
Only One Life - Live It! Association

Dream Story of Flowers
(painted by Yuko Nishio)