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About Us

The Fields of Our Activities

The Only One Life – Live It! Association promotes a movement that values life through reading sessions, lectures, books, TV, radio, etc.

We launch Reading Sessions in Japan and overseas

In our reading sessions we present messages which continue with the words “Because it’s only one life,” throughout Japan and overseas.

Many various people, from professional personalities to normal housewives and students participate and read aloud those messages.

We could see how heartfelt readings touch people. Many of the attendees of reading sessions shed tears as their hearts are deeply moved and inspired with hope. Such sensations are widely and naturally spread through word of mouth.

In order to pass on the importance of life to the people in Japan as well as in the whole world, the Only One Life – Live It! Association proceeds in holding reading sessions worldwide, in various languages.

We are hoping for the support and participation of many people. We hope to become the rainbow bridge, drawn by Eika that will connect the world as she had wished.

Reading Session
A huge display of Eika’s handwriting “Because it’s only one life” in Japanese language is shown on stage during a reading session.

Only One Life – Live It! in the Media

It was 2006, when Eika’s words “Because it’s only one life” were introduced for the first time in a local radio station.

From this time on, we started to receive numbers of messages from people.

And from April 2009, the NHK Radio 1 started to accept messages and held readings of those letters for two years. This program was aired every Monday at 3:45 pm under the name Message of Life and Bond within the corner Messages that Connect Life.

   NHK Radio 1 –Tsunagaru Radio (Connecting Radio)
   Website of the program introducing Eika’s words “Because it’s only one life”

Additionally, the NHK General TV introduced Eika on a program called News Watch 9 on February 2008.

Screen-shot of News Watch 9 by the NHK General TV

The Messages

Until this day 1700 messages have been sent which concluded the words, “Because it’s only one life.” Some have contents such as:

  • A person who lost precious family members
  • A junior high school student who confessed shoplifting
  • Appreciation for a late grandmother

...and many more.
Eika’s words taught us that Love and Life is the same.

All of the messages expressed the honest feelings of the sender and each message conveys hope and a desire to move forward.

At Only One Life – Live It! we are accepting messages from everyone, presenting several of these received messages at the reading sessions and in book publications. Please send us your message and join our Movement of valuing life!

  Received Messages

Activities in Japan and Overseas

The Only One Life – Live It! Association conducts various activities in Japan and overseas!

In May 2011, the Head Office of the Culture Movement for Loving Life was established in South Korea by supporters of the Only One Life – Live It!’s main theme - valuing and protecting life.

For details see [South Korea] Declaration Ceremony of Culture Movement for Loving Life Campaign

Photo:With South Korean actors and actresses present at the Declaration Ceremony

Suicides and child abuse are becoming major problems internationally. Now is the time to seriously tackle issues about the dignity of life. We visited the UNESCO Liaison Office at the United Nations in New York and asked for their support for our future activities. We proposed to resolve such issues by educating youth, who will build the future, and aid in the development of their unselfish feelings for the public and of neighborly love.

For details see[U.S.A.] Visit to the UN Headquarters and the UNESCO in New York.

Photo: United Nations High-Level Meeting on Youth at the General Assembly Hall

A reading session was held by nurses and artists whom Eika befriended when she went to Switzerland to recuperate from her illness before she passed away. The reading session was held by those who were touched by Eika’s kind heart. Many new friends came to this reading session.

For details see [Switzerland] Reading Session held in Switzerland on August 12, 2011

Photo: At the reading session in Switzerland