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※About linking to this website
We welcome links to the official website ( of the Only One Life Live – It! Association (hereinafter referred as the “Association”). However, if you wish to link your website to ours, please inform us of your URL beforehand via email (

The Association is not responsible for any problems or damages that occur by linking to our website. We recommend that those who have links to our website resolve all issues on their own. Please note that the following links are not allowed:
  • Websites that are offensive to public order and morals
  • Websites that insult and/or defame the Association, related organizations in which an amicable relationship exists with the Association, and those executives and employees of the Association and related organizations
  • Websites that provide information that may be illegal
  • Websites that disrupt education of the youth
  • Websites that may provide information on obscenity and/or violate social ethics
  • Websites that capture the Association’s website within the site owner’s frames and websites that make it unclear as to whether it is our site
  • Contents that would create unauthorized access and shut down the system
  • Other contents considered inappropriate by the Association’s network administrator