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Intent of the Establishment of Incorporation


The Only One Life – Live It! movement has, for some time now, been offering a valuable program featuring an extraordinary series of reading sessions, inspiring a great number of people to live their lives with renewed confidence and hope. These reading sessions have been regularly held in diverse venues, such as schools (from elementary level to college level participation,) companies, and many different organizations.

Especially in the schools and colleges which have hosted these sessions, teachers have observed and been pleasantly surprised by a new awareness and change of heart and attitude among those students who have participated. In so many cases, these students have been reminded of the preciousness of their families, and the importance of caring and gratitude toward building meaningful bonds with their teachers and friends.

The above is made more significant knowing that Japanese society has been experiencing deeply painful phenomena among its youth; phenomena such as the breakdown of the family structure, delinquency, an increase in school dropout rates, bullying, and self-destructive behavior such as wrist slashing and even suicide.

In particular, the problem of suicide has become of increasing alarm – It is a sobering statistic but the number of suicides in Japan has not dropped below 30,000 per year in each of the years between 1998 and 2009. Though the government has been making efforts toward more concrete measures to curb this situation the problem of suicide is still pervasive throughout the society.

It is our conclusion, after seeing the outcome of our many reading session programs that this work can surely bring a positive change in people’s hearts, and will definitely help to stabilize families, improve youth problems, and contribute greatly toward the prevention of suicide.

We have recognized that it is our social responsibility to convey the important messages of Only One Life – Live It! to many more people through the expansion of this movement, inheriting the spirit of Eika Nishio.

We have also learned that the messages from the reading sessions have also moved the hearts of many people abroad. With this in mind, we are preparing to share these messages by initiating similar activities abroad, and eventually, throughout the world.

This is some of the history and process of the Only One Life – Live It! movement, and represents the main reason that we desire to incorporate. It is our conviction and belief that this movement can surely contribute toward the protection of precious human lives, and, the building of sound families and societies.

We will work toward the abovementioned goals by focusing on the kinds of activities that promote and enlighten the emotional aesthetic sensitivity of our youth who will, someday soon, carry the future of our world on their shoulders.