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Kazuo Imamura
Kazuo Imamura
Graduated from Osaka National University’s Physics Branch of the Department of Science, Former Professor at the National Defense Academy of Japan, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Tokyo Suicide Prevention Center, Former Chief Investigator of the Operations Research Society of Japan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology Association (JSHA), Chief Advisor of Only One Life – Live It! Association

These are wonderful words that could make people feel alive

“Because it’s only one life.”
Eika ended her short life of sixteen years.
However, those words have a very deep meaning and could only be told by those who have learned about the meaning of life.
She is telling, “What counts is how we live our lives.” We, the Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology Association, have been searching for the road that leads to the answer for this question and it is our ultimate goal to spread it.
The Bible states, “So God created mankind in his own image” (Genesis 1:27 New International Version) and “What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them? You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor” (Psalms 8 New International Version).
Humans are indeed precious and are blessed by God. Many of us do not realize this fact and ponder taking their lives. What a waste. God also states, “Do not commit murder.”
These words mean to not to kill others and also warn about not hurting or killing one’s self.
Until today, many people especially the younger generation have responded to Eika’s question.
Many wonderful words have been emerging. To be able to realize the dignity of humans and to learn many words describing the seriousness of the future by others touches the heart of an old man, like me.
Thank you, Eika. You have brought so many people back to life.
You left this world at the age of sixteen with having accomplished a hard job.
From heaven, I believe you are watching over and praying for the movement that continues with the words, “Because it’s only one life.”
Please watch over us so that your words you left behind keep spreading and more activities such as the reading sessions can be held.

Devman Hirachan
Shozo Nakajima
Former Public Prosecutor of the Special Investigative Squad of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, Tax Accountant certified by the Director-General of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, Lawyer

Life becomes precious when people can live for one another, elevate and enhance each other

Human life is only a small part of nature. You will be shocked to learn the truth that there is nothing unnecessary whatsoever when looking at nature.
In other words, there is an existing value for all things and there are many cases in which we do not realize that significance.
This movement which pleads for the importance of having only one life is something we need in Japan’s society today. Plants, insects, animals in nature all live to their fullest.
Life becomes precious when people can live for one another, elevate and enhance each other. My parents’ love lives inside me. Life of nature supports my life.
I would like to cherish the only one life that I have, and let us protect the only one life that many people have.
I sincerely hope that this movement will greatly contribute to protecting the lives of many people.