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The Declaration Ceremony of Culture Movement for Loving Life Campaign in South Korea - 13 May 2011 National Assembly of South Korea, Annex

Commemorative picture of participants of The Declaration Ceremony of Culture Movement for Loving Life Campaign
Commemorative picture of participants of The Declaration Ceremony of Culture Movement for Loving Life Campaign

In South Korea, our neighboring country, an organization called the Head Office of the Culture Movement for Loving Life was established to plead the importance of life and love. The purpose of this organization was built to prevent various social problems, such as crimes and suicides, from mental exaltation on life and love and also to create a world where people could live by respecting each other and helping each other out.

In order to gain participation and support for this Movement from the people of South Korea, an important ceremony called The Declaration Ceremony of Culture Movement for Loving Life Campaign took place. Along with many Korean distinguished guests and celebrities, members of Only One Life – Live It! from Japan were also in attendance.

This organization formally launched on April 29, 2011 and was established by Hun-su Kim, the founder, who was so touched after hearing the concept of Only One Life – Live It!

South Korea has the highest number of suicides with 24.3 suicides (Japan with 19.4 suicides in 2008) in a population of approximately 100,000 among the OECD (Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development) member countries. Suicide is becoming a serious social problem in South Korea, especially with many celebrities committing suicides one after another.

Due to such social situation, there is a high expectation on the concept and activities of the Head Office of the Culture Movement for Loving Life in South Korea. For this ceremony, three members from each of the ruling and opposing parties of the parliament become advisors to this organization, and the board consists of those with social status. Additionally, young and talented actors and actresses attended as a lot of attention has been attracted to those in the entertainment business.

Various cultural businesses such as movies, dramas, musicals, plays, concerts, exhibitions, publications, TV programs, and games are expected to take place in the future. Seminars with Japan will also be conducted on a regular-basis.

Directors and Advisers of the Head Office of the Culture Movement for Loving Life Co-representative

Jong-ju Ahn, President of Korean Federation for Asbestos Environment Hun-su Kim, CEO of MOVING HEART

Vice President

Shin-hye Kim, Movie Director/Author


Seon-jo Kim, Member of National Assembly
Sang-jin Shin, Member of National Assembly
Chun-jin Kim, Member of National Assembly
Kyeong-tae Jo, Member of National Assembly
Jae-yun Kim, Member of National Assembly
Hui-mok Won, Member of National Assembly
Ji-won Kang, Lawyer, Chairman of Korean Suicide Prevention Committee
Myeong-yun Pak, President of
Korea Forum for Children, Youth and Family
Seung-sam Yu, Chairman of Social Business Support Network
Priest Misan, Chief Priest of Seoul Jo-do Zen temple
Jae-seon Kim, Professor at Seoul University of Buddhism, Department of Buddhist Studies
Ok-youn Moon, Director of Daniel Medical Center
Kyu-man Chae, Professor at SUNGSHIN Women’s University, Department of Psychology
Hyeon-su Jeon, Director of Karan Neuropsychiatry Hospital
Son-dae O, Chariman of Korea Peace Research Society
Dae-ro Lee, Entertainer
Aelisa Kang, Singer
Sang-ho Kwon, Ph.D., The University of Suwon,
Calligraphy Live Performer
Jae-cheol Kim, Director of Coex Dental Office
In-tae Lee, Representative of Human Line
Ok-yeong Woo, President of Health Education Forum
Ju-yeol Lee, Professor at Namseoul University, Department of Health Administration
Ae-ri Son, Professor at Sahmyook University, Health Management Major
Dong-uk Kim, Manager of Karan Neuropsychiatry Hospital
Seung-gyo Lee, Director of Kan Hospital
Min-dong Kim, Director of AIDS Counseling Support Center
Weun-hui Kim, Professor at Seoul Digital University, Department of Counseling Psychology
Jun-tae Pak, Aide of National Assembly Member
Shin-ji Ham, Professor at Sungkyunkwan University, Movie Director
Yeong-eun Yu, Broadcast Writer
Dong-eun Kim, Music Director, Composer
Su-hyeon Kim, Fashion Designer
Su-gyeong Ryu, Announcer
Dae-o Kim, Head of First Issue Preparation Team of New Media of OH MY NEWS
Jae-cheon Kim, Journalist at EBS
Jun-seok Lee, Representative of Spring
Su-geun Shin, Representative of Travel Mind
Jun-yeong Choe, Representative of Wow Communication
Jun-beom Pyeon, Representative of Choral Design
Jae-ryong Lee, Director of GCH Co., Ltd.
Su-man Choe, Executive Director of Oriental Brewery Co., Ltd.
Beom-ho Kim, Executive Director of SPC Group


National Assembly Building of South Korea, where the event took place

Many Koreans such as notable public figures, celebrities, and press attended

Signing of Approval of Memorandum of Understanding, for Mutual Exchanges and Business Cooperation

Presenting a painting Dawn of Time that symbolizes peace

Mr.Myeong-yun Pak, Professor and Chairman of the Children and Young People Family Forum in Korea

Mr.Ji-won Kang, Attorney and Chairman of Korean Suicide Prevention Committee

M Mr.Yoshimichi Katsumoto, Executive Advisor, interviewed by Jiji Seoul TV

Ms.Su-gyeong Ryu, Free-lance Announcer and Full-time Instructor of Showhost Academy

Mr.Sang-ho Kwon, Ph.D., Calligraphy Adjunct Professor of Department of Fine Arts at the University of Suwon Ms.Ok-yeong Woo, President of Health Education Forum

Chorus by Gyeonggi Art High School Students

Students sang a youthful song that was full of hope

Mr.Yoshimichi Katsumoto, Executive Advisor, gives a congratulatory address

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding on Movie Production with Croatian Representative

2 Korean actresses as the honorary public relations representative.

Calligraphy Performance by Sang-ho Kwon, Ph.D.

Co-representative of the Head Office of the Culture Movement for Loving Life and Only One Life – Live It! Staff Members

Welcome Address by Yoshimichi Katsumoto

Mr.KatsumotoFirst of all, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone here and to all of the Korean people.

Many of you have shed tears and prayed for the victims of the major earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Additionally, many generous contributions were made for the relief fund. I would like to express words of gratitude from my heart on behalf of the Japanese people.

Thank you for inviting me to attend this meaningful occasion of the Declaration Ceremony of the Head Office of the Culture Movement for Loving Life, today.

I believe this Declaration Ceremony is of great significance as it will become a starting point for a campaign which all Korean people will be attending, and I would like to say my sincere congratulations on this wonderful campaign.

Many lives of young people and adults of Japan have been saved by the soulful words, Because it’s only one life, that were written by a young Japanese girl at the risk of losing her life. The dignity of life is contained in these words; it is as if a bridge of love has been placed in a beautiful rainbow, protecting precious lives, serving as a guidepost for a better life, and illuminating us toward happiness.

Our ideals whether as an individual or as a nation can be realized based on the right kind of thoughts and the right love.

Is there an answer as to what life really means? And do we know what the ideal value of life is?

Both exist because of love, and that is how the value is determined. Love, life, and ideals are in essence the same thing, but among the three, it is love that leads our lives toward abundance and genuine happiness.

Humankind has been living without clear knowledge of the fundamental purpose and value of life for a very long time. There have been those who have been ignorant of the true answers, but instead, have clung to wrong views of purpose and value as if their mistaken views are a box of precious jewels.

Unfortunately, such a way of life will ultimately cause a loss of power to sustain our life in the end. We’ve come to realize that love and life is essentially the very same thing, and that growing in love has everything to do with protecting and nurturing our precious lives. Then, may I suggest that whenever we hear the words, “Let’s protect our lives,” we can interpret them as, “Let’s grow our love.”

What we have to teach our children is not the kind of life that is earned through fierce competition in knowledge and power. We should first strive to understand, and then to teach them the meaning of mutually benevolent love among people, and with the creations of nature around us. True love is altruistic in its nature, and brings harmony and happiness. Every creation in the universe maintains its own existence through mutual harmonious relationships of two or more existences.

No creature exists completely alone and isolated.

This is the basic law or principle of the universe. Naturally, human life exists in relationships; the relationship between parent and child, husband and wife, friend and friend. All of these require the sharing of love, if life and happiness are to exist for each of us. Quite simply, this means the sharing of mutually benevolent and altruistic relationships.

It’s our heartfelt desire that this Only One Life –Live It! movement may teach how to practice true and sincere love. Our dream is that this message will reach all facets of society, whether young or old, rich or poor – literally, those coming from all walks of life. Then we can begin to truly resolve the problems of suicide and social crime, and build more peaceful and prosperous nations.

I believe Korea and Japan must establish a mutually benevolent relationship.

It is not only for the sake of our time, but it should also be for the future happiness of our children. I sincerely hope that through this Movement that protects and grows life, both countries would unite and become peaceful and rich nations, thus becoming the model of peace in the world. When this is accomplished, both countries would become the bright shining hope of humankind that is connected as a rainbow’s symbolic bridge.

Let’s join together, bring our energy together, and build a bright future!

Let me conclude by praying for the success of this Movement and development and happiness of Korea.

Thank you very much.

May 13, 2011
Yoshimichi Katsumoto
Executive Advisor
Only One Life – Live It! Association

Congratulatory Address by Mr.Yoshihide Nishio

Mr.NishioThank you for the introduction. I am Yoshihide Nishio.

As you may already know, my daughter left the words, Because it is only one life..., after her right arm was amputated while she fought terminal bone cancer. Unfortunately, she left this world when she was only 16 years and 4 months old, but the words she left behind started the Only One Life – Live It! movement.

It first started as a small movement in a remote countryside, but it has slowly expanded through exposure to the newspapers and radio programs. As Mr. Katsumoto spoke earlier, he informed us about the new concept and vision of the movement and strongly supports the Only One Life – Live It! Association.

Mr. Katsumoto previously traveled around the world and put his heart and soul in the AIDS Prevention Movement, and now he is even more passionate about sound growth and education of adolescents, who will bear the future. I was deeply touched by Mr. Katsumoto’s philosophy on harmony. I have been working with him on this movement.

We are currently partnering with other organizations that have the same purpose in Japan and throughout the world. A week before my daughter passed away, she drew a big rainbow. I sincerely hope that this rainbow will connect people’s hearts across the world and serve as a bridge of peace and happiness.

From this moment, let the two nations -- Korea and Japan -- support each other with a fresh start by becoming model nations, getting rid of our tarnished image as countries with the most suicides and respecting each other’s lives. Thank you.

I sincerely pray from my heart for the success and development of the Head Office of the Culture Movement for Loving Life.

May 13, 2011
Yoshihide Nishio
Executive Advisor
Only One Life – Live It! Association

Agreement between Head Office of Culture Movement for Loving Life and Only One Life – Live It! Association

Head Office of Culture Movement for Loving Life and Only One Life – Live It! Association
Agreement on Mutual Exchange and Collaborative Business

Head Office of Culture Movement for Loving Life and Only One Life – Live It! Association have entered into an agreement to mutually work together to develop a movement on life and love in their respective two countries as follows.

ARTICLE 1 (Basic Rules)
The purpose herein lies for the Head Office of Culture Movement for Loving Life and Only One Life – Live It! Association (hereinafter “both parties”) to construct a collaborative organizational structure in order to create an active movement on life and love in both countries.

ARTICLE 2 (Agreement Terms)
In order for both parties to efficiently execute duties as stated in this Agreement, both parties shall mutually work together as listed below:

  1. Exchange Information and Personnel for the Life and Love Campaign Both parties shall actively cooperate in the exchange of information and personnel.
  2. Cooperate on Various Cultural Business Promotions Related to the Life and Love Campaign Both parties shall offer the utmost cooperation when promoting various cultural businesses (such as television, musicals, movies, records, and publications)
  3. Jointly-host Academic Seminars on a Periodic Basis Both parties shall host academic seminars periodically each year and alternate turns hosting such seminars
  4. Other cooperation efforts for the development of both parties’ organizations

ARTICLE 3 (Adjustment Discussions)
In order to efficiently execute the Agreement content as stated in Article 2 above, both parties shall establish a separate organization in which both parties participate as long as both parties agree on the detailed business and procedures.

ARTICLE 4 (Agreement Amendments)
Any changes to the content of this Agreement shall be made in writing and agreed by both parties. However, even in the event representatives of both parties change, this Agreement shall be deemed valid unless otherwise notified.

ARTICLE 5 (Effect of Agreement)
This Agreement shall become effective from the day of signing and shall remain effective unless agreed by both parties to amend or terminate this Agreement.

In order to faithfully execute this Agreement, two copies of this Agreement shall be made and each party shall maintain a copy of this Agreement once signed by both parties.

May 13, 2011

 Ahn Jong Ju      Kim Fun Su                       Yuko Nishio    Yoshimichi Katsumoto

 Co-Representative Co-Representative                  Representative Executive Advisor

 Head Office of Culture Movement for Loving Life             Only One Life - Live It! Association.