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- 2012 -
1 December 2012
This Reading Session was the most anticipated session that was ever organized by the staff from OOL Philippines.
A report of attending a Reading Session in Philippines
10 November 2012
Our OOL team was invited to Croatia by a married couple, both teachers and living near Zagreb, and their dear friend, living in Varaždin. These are few but motivated people, who took the initiative although they were very busy, having all three a job and family.
25 October 2012
This reading session was very special; it was the second in Germany and on a very different scale. Thanks to the support of friends there, we could hold the reading session in a Lutheran Community Hall providing seats for more than 40 people.
Reading Session in Zirndorf, Germany – 25 October 2012
28 August 2012
For the first time, we conducted a reading session in Austria. We had the chance to be in Vienna, the beautiful capital city.
Reading Session in Vienna, Austria – 28 August 2012
19 August 2012
In July we established a European “Only One Life - Live It!” team. A small group out of four people determined to bring the heart of OOL to every corner of Europe.
Reading Session in Näfels, Switzerland – 19 August 2012
10 June 2012
The team in Switzerland is growing! A young woman, which attended the reading in December in Quarten had the wish to be part of the team. She was warmly welcomed!
Reading Session held in Näfels, Switzerland
23 May 2012
In a living room close to Nuremberg we conducted our first reading session in Germany one of the most influential countries in Europe.
Reading Session held in Zirndorf, Germany
30 April 2012
In the beautiful and historical town Kutna Hora in the context of the Czech Conference we were invited to introduce Only One Life - Live It!
Reading Session held in Zirndorf, Germany
22 April 2012
Close to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, in a wonderful town called Dobrichovice we experienced the 4th reading session in this country.
Reading Session in Dobrichovice, Czech Republic
12 April 2012
also there is a quite big age gap from 13-year-old girl to 65-year-old grey gentleman.
Reading Session in Sargans, Switzerland
23 March 2012
Reading Session in Rome, Italy
The staff in Switzerland is very multicultural; also there is a quite big age gap from 13-year-old girl to 65-year-old grey gentleman.
Reading Session in Rome, Italy
- 2011 -
30 December 2011
Youngsters all over Europe came together for one week between Christmas and New Year to get to know about Only One Life – Live It!
Reading Session held in Quarten, Switzerland
20 November 2011
On November 20 of this year, a reading session was held in Prague, Czech Republic. Following the first reading session which was held on October 23 in Czech, this was the second reading session.
Reading Session in Prague, Czech Republic